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12 Terrifying Tales For 2011

 I love all of Shana’s short stories. They are fast, fun and ferocious…..a thrill ride to the end. Her stories really pack a punch.  And, at only .99 cents each, how can you resist?

Check out her latest tale, Souls, Inc.

Patty can’t remember why she died. She can’t really remember anything at all about herself or her existence before Purgatory. And she knows there’s something important buried in her past, something that pertains to her death…but what?


I asked Shana why she likes to write thrillers and this is what she had to say:

Every time I consider that I come up with a different answer.
The easy answer is: I write thrillers because that’s what I like to read.
And that’s true, but there’s more to it than that.
The thing I love the most about writing thrillers—especially short thrillers–is that each story allows me to distill one human emotion down to its most potent, most raw form.
Charlie, for example, is about bitterness.

North of Forks is about love.
Border Crossing is about anger.
Souls, Inc. is about regret.
Metamorphosis is about alienation.Maybe other genres do this, too? I don’t know. But I love the intensity of feeling within thrillers. I love being able to dive into a teeming pool of emotion and just wallow in it for awhile. When I come up for air, I’m flushed and out of breath, and I hope the reader feels that way, too.”
A little bit about Shana…..

Shana Hammaker grew up in sunny California reading L.M. Montgomery and Stephen King. She also had a major case of wanderlust.
But while most people fantasize about traveling West, young Shana had her sights set on colder places: Prince Edward Island, or perhaps Bangor, Maine.

Ironically, Shana eventually settled someplace even warmer than California: Tennessee. And it was in this sultry Southern climate that Shana realized her destiny: to read and write stories in which people do horrendous things to one another.

And in 2011, Shana will publish one short thriller per month!

Twelve Terrifying Tales for 2011!

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